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Why is Chalmersloppet happening?

Welcome to the very first edition of the Chalmers Race!

Chalmersloppet is a way to encourage students to live a healthy life, and sets a great challange for everyone at Chalmers to train towards. Our hope is that Chalmersloppet can be a stepping stone to those who have always wanted to start running, and a great forum for experienced runners to inspire others and challange themselves. And also of course, a festival with true student spirit in the sign of health. The initiative behind Chalmersloppet comes from Chalmers Studentkår,  through Chalmers Studentkår Promotion (CSP). 

How does it work?

Due to company support, we hope this event will be a recurring way for companies in Gothenburg to run alongside students, sponsoring their places in the race. This also offers additional value for all the runners and particiapting companies, as they have a chance to meet and network in a relaxed environment.

Many students greatly value potential employers who prioritizes well-being. If that is something that aligns with your view as a company, this could be an event for you.  

Ready for a challange?

Sign up today!

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