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Participant Information

With a successful first edition of the race, we are currently working hard to improve the participant experience thoroughly. This is likely to mean a improved route, a more sofisticated runners zone experience and thoroughly planned start groups.

The sign-up for 2025 is yet to open. Follow Chalmers Studentkår Promotion on social media to keep track of when the signup opens!

Information about the 2024 race





The Route:  The 2K goes through Mossen and back through Runners Zone and finishes at Teknologgården as the other routes. The start is close to Chalmersplatsen

Time: The 2K is the last category to start. The runners start simultaneously as the walkers. Scheduled start time is 15:09. The route will then close at 16:30.


The Route: The 5K runs through most of Campus and around Mossen and it's football pitch. The starting point is close to Chalmersplatsen, at Teknologgården. The finish line will be drawn under the entrance to Teknologgården (same as the starting line).

Time: The 5K will start closely after all the 10K runners have started. All the 5K runners will start at the same time, approximately at 15:03.




The Route: The 10K is simply two laps of the 5K route. It goes through Teknologgården after the first lap in an enclosed lane. The 10K has one water station, located in this enclosed lane as you approach the second lap.

Time: The 10K is the first category to start, and is estimated to start between 14:45 and 15:03. 100 runners will start every 3 minutes to minimize crowding.


Raceday Timeline


Changing Rooms & Registrations open

Fysiken is here to assist runners with free bag storage and changing rooms, at their modern facility at Mossen. Registration opens in Kårhuset.


Runners Zone & Happenings 

Runners Zone opens with a few happenings and events.


10KM starts

10K starts at 15:15. Slotted starts with 60 Runners starting each minute. 


5KM Starts

As soon as the 10K has started the 5K will start. Mass start with all of the runners starting simultaneously.


Last starts

The walkers and the 2K runners will start at the same time.


Award Ceremony

A short ceremony to award the best performances as the route closes, followed by a conclusion of the day.

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