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During the first edition in 2024, we had a few different business partners participating in different ways throughout race day.


What will happen during the Race day?

All the oppurtunities during the day, with more than 500 students participating

What would you like to do during the race in 2025?

During the race day of 2024, we were joined by a few companies during the race, warmup and runners zone. The possibilities and ambitions are growing for 2025! Get in touch to learn more!

Sponsor Packages
(2024 arrangement)

  • Booth Spot

  • Goodiebag contribution

  • Logo on website

  • 4 starting places

  • All from Silver

  • Logotype on the website

  • Guests posts on social media

  • Logotype on the official shirt

  • Be a part of the route

  • 6 starting places

  • All from Gold

  • Part of the branding

  • Extra Large Booth in Runners Zone

  • Side Event Possibilities

  • Logotype on Diplomas

  • 8 starting places

​*Maximum of 3 companies

Not enough time to prepare a sponsorship?
Let your employees participate!

If a sponsorship is not relevant to you at this time, we offer starting places for all companies no matter sponsorship status. These places can be bought at the RaceID-page individually. Perhaps the perfect way to spend your health care allowance?

Note: RaceID for 2025 not yet open.

Want to know more?

Get in touch!

Meet your hosts!

Chalmersloppet is hosted by Chalmers Studentkår Promotion. Feel free to get in touch with our Project Managers with any of your questions!

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