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Parking information

On the 8th of May, parking on Chalmers Campus Johanneberg will be significantly affected by the first edition of the Chalmers Race (Chalmersloppet).

1. Unaffected by the race. Runners will pass Vera Sandberg on the southern path, next to Wijkanders, so pay extra attention.

2. Parking forbidden during the 8th of May, runners will pass here.

3. Parking will remain unaffected. You cannot however drive further onto campus, you will have to exit the parking space straight onto Gibraltargatan.

4. Drop-off outside of Chabo will not be allowed. The parking lots outside will remain open. The roundabout will be closed as you cannot leave Kemivägen.

5. As runners will cross Chalmers Tvärgata, leaving or entering this parking lot between 14:30-16:30 will not be recommended. Plan your day accordingly.

6. Exit through Engdahlsgatan if you can. Turning left while exiting towards Chalmers Tvärgata will be prohibited, as it will be occupied by runners. 

7. Open as usual. exit through Engdahlsgatan.

8. Exit through the upper exit. The exit through Betongvägen will be closed.

Do you want to know more about what parking possibilites there are originally at campus? Visit Chalmers fastigheter and take a look at their parking map:

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